Thursday, November 03, 2011

Instant Reactions to A Bunch of BS (And A Bunch of Good to Balance That Out):

It's been awhile, and dad has been impatient for a new post, so, herrrrrre we go...

:( Stupid words: Go away. I don’t want to hear delish, spork, yummy, or slang words on the news or Facebook anymore. Full words are awesome, and simply using forks and spoons. And if you are over 30 and still using your Facebook as a pedestal for the world to know EVERYTHING about your every move, well, deactivate your account for a few days and see who actually pays attention to you, THEN spend more time with them than on Facebook.

:) Sundays: I am growing to love you while sleeping in, laying in bed until almost noon, watching movies, and the all important Dockside breakfast with whoever shows up before 1:00. Thanks.

:( Kim Kardashian: If you divorce someone after 72 days, don’t take the advice of your fame hungry mother and keep the 20 carat ring. Return it to the poor sweet guy who got kidnapped by your bullshit family for profit. And you pretty much suck too…stop dipping your face in a bowl of makeup every morning, get your family to break the professional relationship with Ryan Seacrest, and go live a quiet life in the Swiss Alps or something. We would all be MUCH better off.

:) Snowboarding: You are the only reason I will likely survive winter in Oregon again this year. Big shout out to Chris Wade for forcing the sport on me a few years ago.

:( Occupy Portland: Yea, there was a point to this. But smoking tons of weed, allowing the whole homeless population to migrate in, and costing my county tons of tax dollars when I already got my ass kicked by the new state biennium contract just doesn’t sit well with me. Regroup, rethink, and figure out a more productive way to prove a point…soon! And trust me, I am liberal as all Hell, but something about this just drives me nuts.

:) Mexico Roadtrip: I really look forward to you next week, laying on beaches, and allowing Bailey Dog his first international trip ever at the age of 11 years 8 months. Going to be a great time.

:( Reality TV: So, this awesome show called The Buried Life about some do-good teens who do positive things and raise money for a bunch of good got scrapped by MTV to make way for more Snooki, mindless hookups, and salaciousness. Bummer.

:) and :( Halloween: This is the first year I actually put a true effort into Halloween. And, I actually liked it. Though I still don’t understand how all our costumes went from full coverage to bare asses.

:( Cavalia: I am sorry, I don’t like your tents in my hood, and from the commercials, your show looks like a bad combo of Lord of the Dance and a horse circus from Hell. I will skip this for certain.

:) It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Having no cable resulted in me finding this awesome show on Channel 9. How did I miss this for five years?!

:( Beaver Football: %***@#WTF#**ARRRRRRGH!!!!!! Need I say more?!

:) Friday Morning Hikes: Rain or shine in scrubby clothes and a ponytail with two awesome mutts…couldn't ask for anything better.

;) So, Dad: I finally wrote a new blog post! Maybe I will get another one done before 6 months pass.


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