Sunday, August 08, 2010

Finding 4 Things, Scary Movies, & Singing My Way Through It All...

To start, I’ll apologize for the blog post delay to my regularly reading father. I know it’s been over a month. I had one written up, but it just wasn’t what I wanted to project or talk about by the time I hit send, so, it got scrapped. And with that, here’s what’s on my mind…

I think we should constantly re-evaluate our lives and figure out where we are going while remembering what and where we came from.  Some need to find their God, some need to find new jobs, some need to chill the hell out and stop going out all the time, some need to just kiss the right stranger. I may need to do all four, in no particular order…and maybe I already did some of them…maybe I’m still working on it…but I am home on a Saturday night writing this, so, that’s a start I suppose.

The work I do for my job is currently burning me out again. I'm tired of reading about bipolar addict mothers, siblings who barely know one another, and kids being abused to the point of permanent physical, mental, and emotional damage. I’m always forthcoming with the stories from my own early life, but, honestly, a lot of times, I don’t want to read about the same BS happening to other families. It’s the reason I do the work I do though…to hopefully help end the cycle for other families…and I will probably be fine once the referrals for kids slow down again. But it’s digging things up regardless.

My sister just found this scary, scary movie that we saw part of when we were on a visit to Boise as little kids. I always remembered it a little differently. And that said, the clip of the ‘masked scary ass person’ on ice is still a little terrifying. I’ll let you be the judge though…here it is.  Honestly, this is just as freaky to me as it was when I was eight.  Then again, I thought that Candyman was terrifying until my friend in college said he sounded like Barry White.
And on that subject, my sister and I used to act out every musical known to man.  I never got to be the main character, and often got stuck being the boy too.  Talk about a mean big sister.  My most regular roles were 'Molly' in Annie and one of the Pink Ladies in Grease and Grease II (but never Sandy or Stephanie, oh noooo...Jennifer always scored those).  Anyway, if people ever wonder why I break out into song all the time, it's most likely the direct effect of singing our way through childhood.  Life is usually better when you're tone deaf and singing anyway.   
Oh, and I had the first person ever unfriend me on Facebook because of political views.  The issue surrounding gay marriage, but moreso, my opinion that the judicial system needed to get whacked for the sake of overturning a ruling on gay marriage.  This was the comment that got me not only cut, but terrorized by angry texts (ok, those were about my views on the mosque in NY too actually) and also called a pseudo intellectual hack:
Well, if the line in the ground of rights and government control is gone...I will happily support its demise for this case...and Elton John can bite me. He's one of a million gay men...if he wants to disagree with this, more power to him......he is not the God of gay men and women afterall. I think back to the days when interracial marriages were illegal in MANY states. Thank God those laws were overturned...what if they weren't? It'd be ridiculous! And, while I recognize you don't care if same sex marriages occur (glad we agree on that), I will say that I hope anyone who does disagree with same sex marriage will look back in 40 years and realize how ridiculous their judgment was...this needed to happen...whoop de doo if it ruffled a few controls.
And with that, I'll say, I guess sometimes it's okay to let people you have nothing in common with anymore go, even if you've known them 17 years.  I've seen him bully people, including his own wife, for a long time now, and it's always pissed me off. 
I tend to get frustrated when people's arguments are simply based on religion, being a conservative, or laced with expletives calling other people names.  If you want to debate, back it up...nothing like a baseless opinion to get a slam right back at you.  I think I have said this before, but just because you align with one political party or one religious denomination does not mean you have to be a closeminded person about everything FOX News or The Bible doesn't agree with.  Constantly question and educate yourself on everything. 
And here is what I am singing in my car right now:  Fader by The Temper Trap, There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney, and Love the Way You Lie By Eminem.  Once loathed, Mr. Mathers is starting to get some appreciation from me again.  At least for now.

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People in the Sun said...

That would totally give me nightmares. I had years of nightmares after watching Halloween. That being said, that ice skater's mask reminds me of my mom.

I've unfriended people because of political views. I unfriended my wife's brother, which is never a smart move. But anyone diminishing it as a political argument doesn't understand that it's about people's view of the world and of humanity. I know great Republicans, but I don't need to know people who think some people are worth more than others (and how come the people who think that always belong to the more worthy group?)